Mission Statement
The Scenic Lincoln Way is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to welcoming tourists to the historic land of President Abraham Lincoln's childhood in Spencer and Perry Counties in Southern Indiana.  Access to these interactive learning opportunities is gained by scenic railroad trips, water travel along the Ohio River, and bike trails all linking educational, museum and interpretive experiences regarding President Lincoln and the rich cultural and natural history of the area.

Scenic Lincoln way is dedicated to the historic preservation of the Louisville, Evansville & St. Louis Railroad and the Southern Railroad’s “Cannelton Branch” of the short-line railroad which generally reflects the historic alignment of the route taken by Thomas and Abraham Lincoln when they came from Kentucky to Indiana in 1816 known as the Vincennes-Troy Road and to furthering the educational experiences surrounding the legacies of Abraham Lincoln’s childhood home, Robert & Abraham Fulton, the town of Santa Claus, and Indiana’s second oldest town, Troy.


Excursion Train
The scenic excursion train runs along the original Louisville, Evansville & St. Louis Railroad line extending from the Tell City Depot in Perry County, through the historic town of Troy, to Depots in Santa Claus and Lincoln City in Spencer County. This railroad line generally reflects the historic alignment from the mouth of the Anderson Creek in Perry County northwest across Spencer County to the Lincoln farm that marks the route taken by Thomas and Abraham Lincoln when they came from Kentucky to Indiana in 1816 known as the Vincennes-Troy Road. The Depots in Tell City and Lincoln City are to be re-creations of the historic train depots.  Both depots will house memorabilia and historical information about the rail line and county history.  The Tell City Depot is occupied by the Perry County Convention and Visitor's Bureau.  Tall panels instruct visitors about the county history and one display case section is maintained by the Tell City Historical Society.  The Lincoln City depot will be located next to within the Lincoln Boyhood Memorial National Park Memorial boundary.  The depot will contain memorabilia of the early Lincoln City Depot and honors Abraham Lincoln's rail-splitting activities interest in technological advancements and his significant contributions to the development of a national railway system.  The Santa Claus depot will be located along the rail line near Santa Claus where entertainment rail travel featured in the world’s first themed amusement park.  It too will feature historical memorabilia of the community of Santa Claus and the children’s Christmas train developed in the 1940s, and how this small community has made such a huge impact upon the local region’s economy.

Water Excursion Travel
The Scenic Lincoln Way intends to develop river fronts in both Perry and Spencer counties that will facilitate water travel between the two counties via the Ohio River.  Passengers will pass the Anderson River which empties into the Ohio.  At the convergence of these two waterways individuals will have the opportunity to see first-hand where Abraham Lincoln ran a ferry business polling people and goods out to passing steamboats. 

Bike Trails
The Scenic Lincoln Way seeks to build on to connect existing area Greenways to merge bike trails in Spencer and Perry counties.  This promotes fitness, recreation and a different alternative access routes to our historic parks and scenic byways in the heart of the Land of Lincoln.